About Us

In 80's, our grandfather started a community coconut plantation at our villlage and trading copra. When the road is ready in 90's, our father started coconut trading around Kota Samarahan and Kuching, Sarawak using a lorry. We started supplying to several local grocery stores 100 pcs/week. Later, we started supplying to wet market in Satok, Kuching 500 pcs/week before we managed to secure a deal to supply to coconut milk shop. We started supplying to this coconut milk shop from 1000 pcs/week to almost 4000 pcs/week. Because of the shop to be relocated, we have to figure out where we were going to sell the coconut. 

"Coconut oil has been described as the "World's Healthiest Dietary Oil". There is a mountain of historical evidence and medical research to verify this fact"

- Bruce Fife,
Certified Nutritionist, Naturopathic Doctor,
President of Coconut Research Center

In June 2008, we setup our own coconut milk shop. At first, we were planning to produce coconut milk only but there was demand for other coconut products. So, we started to produce roasted coconut paste and virgin coconut oil. These were done by a sole proprietorship company, Mustama Agro & Trading Co.